[CONTEST ENDED] Join us in some fun wordplay for National Limerick Day, hooray!

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UPDATE: this contest has ended. We loved reading all of your fun Meraki rhymes, so thank you to everyone for participating! Our randomly selected winners are: @GeorgeC@Madhan_kumar_G, and @therightwaye. Congrats! 🎉 


Today is National Limerick Day, and what better way for us to celebrate the occasion than by challenging you to a little poetry slam? All in good fun of course! 


But first, a little history lesson.You may be wondering, why May 12th? Well, the day also marks the birthday of English artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear. He’s best known for his works of nonsensical prose and poetry, and it was he who popularized the limerick in his 1846 publication “A Book of Nonsense.” 


If you aren’t familiar, a Limerick is a verse containing three long and two short lines with a rhyming scheme of AABBA. The rhyme alone is not what makes a limerick though. These poems are usually humorous, silly, and often even rude or bawdy. I’m sure a few examples may come to mind! 


One of the most well-known limericks is the children’s rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock about the mouse who ran up a clock from Mother Goose. Many of the Mother Goose rhymes, in fact, are limericks. 


Here is one I wrote just for this occasion, as an example to get you started:


In honor of National Limerick Day today,

We invite you to join us in some fun wordplay!

You’ll write your own Meraki rhyme,

For a chance at prizes and a good time.

We hope this contest has you saying, “hooray!”


I know poetry can be a challenge though (I had a heck of a time writing even that short stanza!), so to make this a little more accessible, you don’t have to adhere strictly to the limerick format. Simply give your best shot at a short rhyme about Meraki, and remember to have a little fun with it! 


How to enter

Comment below and with your rhyme before 10:00am EST on Thursday, May 18th. Remember, you don’t have to write five lines that follow the AABBA rhyming scheme. Any rhyme or type of poem will work. Everyone who responds to this post with their rhyme will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of three Cisco Meraki wooden induction speakers:


How to win

Once submissions close at 9:59am EST on May 18th, we will select three at random to win a speaker. Good luck!



Building a reputation

Meraki, oh what a delight,

A network that's easy and just right.

With cloud-based tools and features so bright,

Your IT worries take flight,

And your network is always in sight.



Kind of a big deal

In the tech game, we bring the heat,

Meraki Fullstack, can't be beat.

Smooth as silk, no need to fret,

Networks locked down, no room for threat.

Meraki got your back, from street to suite.


(If I win, please draw another time. I already have this nice little speaker.)

Getting noticed

There once was a network bare rocky

Whose design is of traditional hierarchy

It went for a facelift

That was a great gift

And now it runs on full stack Meraki!


In the realm of networking gear,

Cisco Meraki brings cheer.

With its sleek, cloud control,

Admins maintain full role,

Connecting networks far and near!

New here

I must say, your email made my day
Inviting me to rhyme in a playful way
A Meraki limerick, you say?
For prizes and fun? Hooray, hooray!

I'm grateful for the opportunity
To let my creativity run free
I'll put on my thinking cap, you'll see
And write a rhyme with great Meraki!

Thank you again for this invitation
I look forward to this fun celebration
And for a chance to win a sensational
Cisco Meraki wooden induction speaker sensation!

Comes here often

With Meraki, troubleshooting's a breeze,
I diagnose issues with great ease.
From the dashboard I view,
Network insights anew,
Resolving problems, putting minds at ease.


In the realm of networks, where connections take flight,
Cisco Meraki SDWAN shines so bright.
A management environment, powerful and true,
To keep your network in shape, it knows just what to do.


With Meraki's cloud-based magic, watch your network rise,
A symphony of reliability, reaching for the skies.
Controllers in the cloud, managing with ease,
Ensuring your network performs with utmost expertise.


From access points to switches, every device it will control,
Optimizing performance, reaching every goal.
Configuration and monitoring, all in one place,
Meraki takes network management to a new space.


Keep an eye on traffic, with insights clear and true,
Bandwidth usage, applications, it reveals to you.
Troubleshooting made so easy, with alerts in the air,
Keeping your network healthy, with the utmost care.


From a single dashboard, you're in full command,
Network maintenance simplified, just as you planned.
So let Meraki be your guide, your trusted ally,
To maintain your network, let it amplify.


In the world of networks, where chaos can reside,
Cisco Meraki Cloud is your faithful guide.
With its rhyme and reason, your network will be prime,
In the best shape possible, standing the test of time.


There once was a network so grand,
With Meraki MS switches in hand.
PoE at its best,
Powering devices with zest,
A network that all could understand.


MS120 brought the magic alive,
With gigabit speeds to thrive.
From port to port,
Data flowed and sought,
Efficiency that made us jive.


MS350, a switch with might,
Stackable, it soared to new heights.
With high capacity,
Link aggregation in unity,
A network that never lost sight.


MS450, the backbone so strong,
Supporting networks all day long.
With modular design,
Flexibility would shine,
Scaling up, the switch sang its song.


Cisco Meraki MS, a true gem,
From access to distribution, a worthy emblem.
Switches so fine,
Building networks divine,
A solution that will never condemn.


So raise a toast to Meraki's reign,
Networking made simple, sans the strain.
With Cisco's prowess,
Connectivity we bless,
Innovations that forever maintain!


New here

With Meraki, network is a breeze,
Connecting devices with so much ease,
From access points to security,
It simplifies networking with great clarity.

Its dashboard provides a clear view,
Of all your devices, through and through,
Making network management a delight,
With Meraki, everything's just right.

So if you want your network to soar,
Meraki is the solution you're looking for,
With its intuitive interface and cutting-edge tech,
It's the perfect tool for all your network specs!

Comes here often

In the world of networks, they're tops,

Cisco Meraki never stops.

With cloud-based control,

They'll help you reach your goal,

From switches to cameras, it rocks!

New here

The network director was cocky 

but his team was all out watching hockey

Without cloud managed gear

his frustration was clear

The solution he needs is Meraki

Here to help

In the realm of networks so keen,

Lived Cisco Meraki, so serene.

With routers and switches,

Their magic bewitches,

Connecting the world, like a dream.

Here to help

In the realm of Wi-Fi's embrace,

Cisco Meraki Access Points race.

With signal so strong,

They're never wrong,

Connecting devices at a fast pace.

Here to help

In the realm where data takes flight,

Cisco Meraki Sensors shine bright.

From motion to temperature,

They capture each gesture,

Monitoring spaces day and night.

Here to help

Meraki made networking a breeze,

With tools that were sure to please.

Their dashboard is neat,

And their features so sweet,

They really are the bee's knees!

Here to help

In the realm where connections are key,

Cisco Meraki MG brings glee.

A gateway of power,

It never will cower,

Empowering networks with glee.

New here

Meraki, Meraki, let's see how this goes
For all that we love, there are so many woes
For starters the monitoring, someone please tell us why
Resource usage isn't available, via SNMP nor API
Speaking of monitoring, we just know the devs wanna
Write a Telegraf plugin for clean integration with Grafana
If that's too far a stretch, as these asks tend to be
Then maybe an output to InfluxDB?
While DevOps integration has us in a bit of a funk
Can we talk about local port changes from access to trunk?
Sometimes there's a world where we can't get online
And end up frustrated with the use of our time
Most times without reason we can make a good hearted bet
That things get resolved after a "did you restart it yet?"
We'd love to see values for send and receive
On light that comes through on all SFPs
But we're happy to trade that lack of a feature
For giving us the resources to find a good teacher
Alas while such things keep us hopeful and waiting
Let's not discount that Meraki is a great thing
The platform has helped us unlock self-service
For operators and engineers that were otherwise nervous
Meraki, Meraki, let's see how that went
Overall we're really happy, it's money well spent

Here to help

Meraki's the best, the one that excels,

With network magic, it surely compels.

Seamless and smart, it never fails,

In connectivity, it always prevails.

Comes here often

There once was an I.T. Admin

Who's network was really has-been

He asked his new lackey

who said "Get Meraki"

and now his whole network is gin!



Comes here often

In the world of tech, where connections thrive, There's a name that makes networks come alive. Meraki, the wizard of the digital domain, Bringing simplicity and power, like a magical refrain.

With a touch of a button, it weaves its spell, Transforming networks, oh, how they excel. From the cloud, it orchestrates with grace, Unleashing possibilities at a rapid pace.

From routers to switches, it reigns supreme, Making networking dreams a seamless theme. Wi-Fi waves dance in a symphony of delight, As Meraki casts its radiant light.

Monitoring and managing, it's all in its stride, Troubleshooting and securing, nothing to hide. Through sleek interfaces, it paints a visual show, Bringing clarity to chaos, wherever you go.

So raise a toast to Meraki, the network's muse, Simplifying the complex, without a fuse. In this digital landscape, it's a shining star, Meraki, the magician of networks, near and far.

Kind of a big deal

From access points to switches, you've got it all
Your intuitive dashboard, never lets us fall
With real-time insights, we're always in the know
And troubleshooting is a breeze, with your live support flow...


Here to help

Oh Meraki, Oh Meraki,
Where will I be without you,
Though sometimes I find it hard to understand you,
You always there to get me out of the blue,
I wonder how long our love will stay true,
But if I have to choose one, I'll always be with you.

Just browsing

In the realm of networks, Meraki shines,
Cisco's cloud platform, it gracefully defines.
With devices connected and data in flight,
Meraki's prowess fills our digital sight.
In the cloud's embrace, innovation aligns.

Here to help

Cisco cloud solution is Meraki
It makes the life of Network admin easy.
It introduces number of tools with automation.
which makes the troubleshooting easy with magic.
Devices can be managed now by single click.
Its power of Meraki no one can beat this.


An admin was happy and proud.
She praised her new network aloud:
"Meraki is slick,
deployment is quick
and you manage it all from the cloud!"



A man always cursed about glitches:
"They're rubbish, these non-Cisco bitches!"
Meraki he bought
and who would have thought
he's now calm and enjoying his switches.

Getting noticed

Hi Meraki,

You have the best Network Cloud Solution.

Great Job Guys continu like this.


You are the Builder, we are the Partner




Just browsing

Cisco Meraki is so fine,
Makes your network shine and shine.
With cloud-managed switches and access points,
Your Wi-Fi connection never disappoints.


Meraki MX security is so strong,
Keeps your data safe all day long.
With easy-to-use dashboards and tools,
Your network admin work is cool.


So if you need a network solution,
Look no further than Cisco Meraki's contribution.
From small business to enterprise,
Meraki's got you covered, no surprise!


There once was a man in despair,

Who constantly pulled out his hair.

His network was lagging,

So he called up Meraki,

And he now lives a life that's so fair.

Community Manager

UPDATE: this contest has ended. We loved reading all of your fun Meraki rhymes, so thank you to everyone for participating! Our randomly selected winners are: @GeorgeC@Madhan_kumar_G, and @therightwaye. Congrats! 🎉 

Kind of a big deal

Congratulations @GeorgeC@Madhan_kumar_G, and @therightwaye.

New here

Cisco Meraki, oh so fine,
Your network equipment, simply divine.
With sleek designs and features so vast,
You're the solution that's built to last.

From switches to routers, access points too,
Your performance and reliability, always true.
Cloud-managed and easy to deploy,
You bring simplicity and endless joy.

With seamless connectivity, you reign supreme,
Ensuring networks run like a dream.
Security measures, robust and strong,
Protecting our data all day long.

Oh Cisco Meraki, you're truly grand,
Transforming networks across the land.
From small businesses to enterprises wide,
You're the network gear we can't hide.

So raise a toast to this remarkable brand,
Cisco Meraki, you're in high demand.
For all our networking needs, you're the one,
The equipment that gets the job done!

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