[CONTEST ENDED] Breaking: 2 Gnomes a-staying (home)!

Community Manager

UDPATE: well you've done it! The gnomes have stayed home with their candy and enjoyed your wonderful entries to the Twelve Days of Switchmas! As thanks, we've randomly selected three from your entries to receive Meraki t-shirts: @Slobs2@Greenberet, and @oldroo


Thanks to everyone who participated and happy holidays to all!  


Great news! After two nights of hoodwinks and hijinx, last night the gnomes did NOT escape! Honestly, I’m more relieved than 7 geese a-laying after a busy day.


In return for staying safely put, they’ve made some demands. For starters, candy. Lots of candy. This was easy enough to pull off:





Their next demand was for their cellmate to be inspired to show a little more holiday spirit:




Their final demand, however, is more challenging. They have specifically asked for a series of gifts, Switchmas-themed, to be delivered in song form.


This is much more than I can pull together myself, so I’m looking for some assistance from the community. Post an addition to our menagerie of Switchmas-themed song lyrics in @Phi-L's “Twelve Days of Switchmas” post and, as thanks for helping me care for our ever-restless gnomes, you’ll be entered to win one of three “I Cloud Manage” t-shirts.


On Tuesday, December 22nd, at 12pm PST, we’ll put all of the members who post their Switchmas lyrics here into a random drawing and announce 3 winners. 


Good luck and happy Switchmas!


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