[GNOMES FOUND] WANTED: 2 Escaped Gnomes!

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UPDATE: @BrechtSchamp has located the gnomes, much to our relief! It appears they were searching for a blinking red light to wear as a nose. Where do they get this stuff!? 


Hopefully this was the last hurrah for our escape artists, but who's to say what tomorrow will bring...


Alert! Alert! The gnomes have disappeared once more!


Last night after their first escape attempt, ‘twas decided they would be most secure in pet-jail (where we keep the other flight risk inhabitants of the house).




Apparently, their cellmate was none too welcoming and spent the evening laughing and calling them names. They didn’t even let our poor gnome friends play in any of their jailhouse games!


When I awoke this morning, they had managed to break out of their cell! Word from the other jailbird (jaildog?) was that they were off to find noses of some kind? To be some sort of holiday heroes? They must be hiding around the community again...


If you find them lurking somewhere around here, please comment BELOW  with “I FOUND THE GNOMES!” and a link to the post where they’re hiding. The first to comment with the correct link will get their own “I Cloud Manage” t-shirt as thanks for your help.


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