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Boo! October Members of the Month

Community Manager

It’s Members of the Month shout-out time again!


@PhilipDAth again leads the pack, with a remarkable 97 kudos and 347 posts in October. Read more about Philip in our September Members of the Month announcement.


@Mr_IT_Guy, also known as Joe Galindez from the Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group in Virginia Beach, wins the (unofficial) awesome-post-of-the-month prize for his fantastic picture of his pom-chi Maui. Joe has consistently been at the top of our leaderboards since before the community was even open to the public. Read below for a short Q&A with Joe.


@WadeAlsup is a first-time Member of the Month, with 27 kudos and 55 posts in October. Thanks for joining us, Wade!


@WANKiller continues his kudos streak with 26 kudos in October (following on a strong 23-kudos September).



October 2017 Meraki Community Members of the Month



97 kudos



27 kudos



27 kudos



26 kudos


Meraki swag is flying towards all of you. What will it be this month? (Post a picture here when you receive it!)


Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed in October. This community keeps getting better and better!


Q&A with Mr_IT_Guyjoe.jpeg


@Mr_IT_Guy, also known as Joe Galindez, is a Network Administrator with the Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group in Virginia Beach. Atlantic Bay runs the full Meraki stack to support over 90 locations. 


I asked Joe a few questions:


How does the community help you in your day-to-day work?

The community is a great place to bounce ideas off other Meraki users. If I’m having a problem or want to try to do something with the Meraki gear, I know that I can come to the forum and get some direction.


What would you say to those that haven't yet gotten involved with the community?

Even though the community is only a few months old, there is already a wealth of knowledge there. If you haven’t already gotten involved, then just do it! There are great people in the community and with everyone’s contributions, we can make it better than it already is.


Any particular Meraki product / feature that you’re particularly fond of or couldn’t live without?

Auto VPN is my favorite Meraki feature. The ability to easily join new branches to our network has made it easy for us to expand our company.


We all love the picture of your Pom-Chi Maui with the Meraki-sock-sweater. Tell us more about Maui!

Maui is a 3-month old Pom-Chi. We had been looking to get a dog for a while and my wife surprised me with him a couple weeks ago. He’s very fond of my wife and has finally taken a liking to me. Since he’s a little toy dog and the weather here in VA has been getting colder, we needed to get him something to keep him warm. Being 10pm, my wife decided to improvise and use a sock of mine. When I told my boss about it the next day, he recommended I post the photo on the forum. Luckily I have a spare pair of Meraki socks! With a little more of my wife’s creativity, we can make version 2 of the sweater even better!


Thanks, Joe!



Official terms & conditions for the Members of the Month awards

Kind of a big deal

@Mr_IT_Guy that really was a cool picture.  You are very creative.  We all thank you for the recognition @CarolineS and love participating in the new community.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Congrats to our members of the month! Great to see Maui (adorably) rocking the Meraki dog sweater!

A model citizen

@Mr_IT_Guy, that is one adorable doggo! I would totally buy a my size matching Meraki sweater if it was available. Great job guys, way to support the growing community!!! 

A model citizen

Congrats to all this month's winners! You guys really make this community a great place to be!


@PhilipDAth, my wife is the creative one. I don't know how she thought to make the sock a sweater and have it fit so comfortably on Maui, but she did it!


@AnnaT and @CarolineS, I think my wife's next plan is a Meraki hoodie. Will let you all know how that works out.


@WadeAlsup Thanks for the compliment! I'm not usually a fan of small dogs, but those ears won me over.

Head in the Cloud

Congrats to all the Monthly winners; Especially the new members that have made the list,  It's great to see the community expanding! I'm fizzing to get my hands on some more Meraki SWAG!

Kind of a big deal

Thanks @CarolineS - I just got my amazing Meraki Fridge!


I had a chat with the FedEx guy but he didn't know what happened to the beers.  The fridge was empty.  But I'm still very chuffed to have received it for helping participate.



Community Manager

@PhilipDAth You should have searched the fedex truck!! 😉

Kind of a big deal

You know, he did seem pretty happy!

Head in the Cloud

Thanks @CarolineS. I also received my gift today! @PhilipDAth Mine came fully stock with beers. The Fedex guy must have taken a hint from your  earlier words!



A model citizen

Sent my wife pictures of my sweet new couch blanket...but as soon as she saw it had a pocket, she called dibs.Robot surprised I'm gonna have to see if I can earn a second one!


A model citizen

OOOOoooOOOOoooo Those mini fridges look nice! I've been rocking my blanket in the office. It's SUPER comfy

Community Manager

We figured that snuggy blankets would be perfect in November in the US and that mini-fridges were more appropriate for New Zealand spring-approaching-summer. But now I'm looking at the Auckland weather...  

Kind of a big deal

The forecast is wrong.  I took this picture recently at a quiet beach called "Langs Beach".  The weather is very nice at the moment.



Community Manager

@PhilipDAth - phew! Looks like perfect weather for a charge-in-your-car mini-fridge Cat Very Happy

Kind of a big deal

Absolutely.  Now I just need to fill the fridge up.  That might be tonight's job.

Community Manager

@Mr_IT_Guy, we really need a picture of you rocking the snuggy in the office!!

Head in the Cloud

I agree with @PhilipDAth, the weather in Auckland today is amazing. The Fridge is fully stocked with beers, i'll be pulling one out later in the day!

A model citizen

@CarolineS, as promised here is my swag photo complete with Maui the Meraki Dog! The pocket is big enough for him to fit so when we're lounging around, he has a spot to warm up in. 20171115_194948.jpg




Community Manager

@Mr_IT_Guy LOL!!! AMAZING!!!


Perhaps you should change your name to Friar_IT_Guy... Smiley Very Happy