Announcing new additions to the 2021 All-Stars Cohort in just a few weeks...

Meraki Alumni (Retired)



Well, we’re halfway through 2021 and it’s about time for the 2021 All-Stars to have another member (or two!) join their ranks.


A quick recap: the All-Stars program recognizes and rewards the most active and influential customers and partners in the Meraki Community. We announced the 2021 cohort of All-Stars in January, with the promise that halfway through the year we would consider adding additional members who have proven themselves worthy over the past six months.


The criteria for being selected is for All-Star status includes (but is not limited to) the following qualifications:


  • You must be a Meraki customer or partner
  • You must be a member of the Meraki Community
  • All-Stars are selected based on their previous 6-month All-Star Score, which takes into account their frequency and helpfulness in community participation
  • All members will need to re-qualify annually (re-qualification is only needed each December, not June)
  • Meraki employees will also qualitatively assess a candidate’s contributions


The All-Stars receive access to a variety of excellent perks:


  • Shiny new All-Star badge
  • All-Star icon to the right of your name, so your peers can see you got cred
  • Exclusive access to All-Star community forum (there are couches in there!)
  • Random acts of delight and other rewards (like this one)


Over the next month, we will be evaluating your contributions to determine who we will add to the 2021 cohort. We’ll announce the new additions in July, so stay tuned!