[CHALLENGE ENDED] Community Challenge: Meraki Network Takeover!

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UPDATE: this challenge has ended! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners 🙂


UPDATE: we have our winners! Among those who answered the 10 questions correctly (see answer key below), we randomly selected the following winners:


The stylin' Meraki sweatshirts go to..... @blassiter and @ShahnMonson


And now...the grandest of prizes...a brand new MV32 with a 5-year license goes to........



🎉‌ ‌🎉‌ ‌🎉‌ @blkelseyjo!!🎉 🎉 🎉 


Answer Key:



Spoke [corrected]

2. -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C) [corrected]

3. 6


5. Android

6. MV32

7. 8

8. Smart-Thresholds

9. UTC

10. CMSS or Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification


Thanks to all who participated and stay tuned for more challenges and contests to come by visiting our Community Announcements board, clicking "Options" and then "Subscribe." 


For this month’s Community Challenge, we are excited to be partnering with the Meraki Network conference. We invite all conference attendees to enter this contest and test your Meraki know-how!



When searching for information about Cisco Meraki, there are invaluable resources accessible from everywhere at any time: our website for information about solutions, products and industries, our documentation site for all the technical details, and our friendly community where you can find answers, ask questions, and connect with Meraki aficionados from around the world.


The Meraki Community is also the place where you can participate in challenges like this one to test your knowledge and maybe even win some swag!


To participate in this month’s challenge, answer the following 10 questions about the Meraki full stack of products. Feel free to check all the available resources, including our instant demo where you can experience the Meraki Dashboard firsthand. Submit your entry as a comment below.


1.Security & SD-WAN

Configuring a Site-to-site VPN between MX security appliances is a fast and easy process that involves turning on the feature and selecting the types and the networks that will participate in the VPN.


What are the 2 types of Site-to-Site VPN configurable in the Cisco Meraki Dashboard for an MX security appliance participating in the Auto VPN topology?


2.Cellular gateway

The MG cellular gateway is IP67 rated and can operate in harsh outdoor environments.


What is the environmental operating temperature range for the MG21 Cellular gateway (minimum and maximum)?



We all know how important Quality of Service (QoS) is for our network, prioritizing and providing bandwidth to core applications in case of network congestion. When a packet enters the switch, the DSCP bits are mapped to specific layer-2 Class of Service (CoS) queues on the switch


How many Class of Service (CoS) queues are supported on MS switches?



Meraki Health is everywhere in the Meraki Dashboard, providing contextual information about the status of the network and helping speed up troubleshooting operations.


When monitoring wireless clients, Meraki Health checks 5 main steps of the connection:

  1. Association
  2. Authentication
  3. _________
  4. DNS
  5. Success rate


What’s the name of the missing step between Authentication and DNS?


5.Systems Manager

Systems Manager provides the network administrator with tools to onboard, manage, and secure corporate devices; it's a full Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. With SM it is possible to manage iOS, macOS, tvOS, Windows, Chrome OS and __________


What’s the 6th device operating system missing from the list above?



The MV family brings Meraki magic to enterprise video security. Simple to deploy, configure, and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.


There are many MV models available, but only one has a fisheye lens capable of 180° vertical and 180° horizontal field of view.


What’s the name of that camera model?



MT sensors uses Bluetooth to connect to a compatible MV camera or MR access point and use it as a gateway to communicate with the cloud.


What is the suggested maximum number of MT sensors per gateway?



Meraki Insight helps IT administrators optimize the end user experience, significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate network or application problems.


What’s the name of the built-in tool, configured in Meraki Insight - Web App Health, that leverages machine learning to automatically configure the best value for the monitoring parameters of http/https based applications?



All the changes made from an administrator inside an organization are stored inside the Organization Change Log. That log contains the who, when, where and how of every change.


Regarding the when, what's the time zone used to display the list of events in the Change Log?



The Cisco Meraki certification is now available! Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS) 500-220 is the name and code of the exam. ECMS1 and ECMS2 are the names of the recommended training courses.


What's the name of the certification obtained passing the ECMS 500-220 exam?


How to enter

Everyone who submits the correct 10 answers as a comment on this post before June 22nd at 11am PDT will be entered to win one of the below fabulous prizes:


2 Meraki Quarter-Zip Sweatshirts2 Meraki Quarter-Zip Sweatshirts





1 MV32 Camera with a 5-year license1 MV32 Camera with a 5-year license




How to win

There will be three winners for this challenge. In order to win, you must have provided the 10 correct answers. In the likely event that multiple submissions contain all 10 correct answers, we will randomly select 3 winners from that group of respondents. Note that all comments will remain hidden throughout the challenge. Winners will be announced shortly after submissions are closed!


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