All-Star Profiles: Nash & NolanHerring

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Today we hear from Meraki Community All-Stars, @Nash and @NolanHerring:


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I work at a Cisco/Meraki VAR and MSP. I have 2.5 years of experience with switches, firewalls, and APs, and about 2 hours with the cameras. We leverage Meraki equipment heavily with our MSP clients, since it’s faster and easier than maintaining a ‘traditional’ Cisco environment. Most of my coworkers use the basic dashboard, but I met the Dashboard API at Cisco Live 2018 and never looked back. I enjoy coding and it’s a good excuse to learn automation.

I know quite a bit about the Meraki client VPN. I am especially good at making it work on Windows 7/10 and in an Active Directory environment. If you have client VPN questions, I might have answers, even if you’re getting weird Windows errors. I'm always happy to share!

In my copious free time, I knit warm things, crochet wire sharks, and study information security.


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I grew up in Central America, and moved to the US in 2002 and then joined the military. Got out of the military in 2007 and went to college. During my time at college I realized I wanted to learn more about what networking was all about and so I got my CCNA around 2009. Got a job as a network engineer for a small company and then found myself messing around with a Linksys WRT54G on my own time (before 802.11n took hold). It was then that I realized I had a passion for wireless and started to learn as much as I could on the Cisco side. Ended up getting my CCNP-Wireless. I was lucky and ‘snuck’ into a Meraki (pre-Cisco acquisition) and was able to obtain the CMNA in 2013. It was then that I decided that I ‘really’ wanted to learn wireless, so I went down the vendor-neutral route of the CWNP path and after years of studying, taking exams, and getting real world experience, I was able to achieve the status of CWNE #198. Overall I’ve been doing mostly wireless and some routing/switching over the last 10 years. Four tremendous years were spent working in Orlando for a large VAR where I did loads of huge projects (Cisco wireless), and some smaller projects with Meraki which is when I started to really find how much I enjoy the product. My latest adventure has me managing all of the wireless and all Meraki related gear for the company I work for now (in house), which has had me expanding into the MX and MS line of products much more than I anticipated, and have enjoyed it very much.

I have a LinkedIn account if you want to sync up:

I have a blog:




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My sysadmins kept insisting on using busted ethernet cables, so one day I took them away and replaced with good cables. Then I broke the old ones down into individual colors, since they were otherwise trash. I took a picture of a shark, gridded out the body shape, then used single crochet (US)/double crochet (UK) to follow the grid. Made a pectoral fin and attached it. Then I wove and wound extra wire through the shark, and adjusted the shaping with needle nose pliers until it looked sufficiently sharky.


They take several hours each but the payoff of "Do you want to see my wire shark?" is pretty worth it.

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Oh wow, I'm glad I asked! That's awesome. KUUUUUUDDOOOOOOSS.

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