Azure vMX with two Orgs. ?

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Azure vMX with two Orgs. ?

This is just a "sanity check" kind of question.

Customer has two different Meraki Orgs (and thats the way its gonna be).

The should both access the same resources in Azure.

Customer has already setup one vMX for Org1 in Azure, works fine.

Can we just setup another vMX for Org2 in Azure (perhaps even in the same vNET) and just have that work for Org2 ?

Or do er need two different vNETs for the two vMXs , do anyone know ?

I mean , in theory it should just work.... but ... you never know if there is some "caveat" that I have missed 🙂




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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @thomasthomsen , thanks for bringing this to be community.


Yes, this should work. The two Orgs are different, and do not share information(such as route) on the Meraki infra. This should work A-okay as long as the route configuration is configured appropriately in Azure.

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