Remotely deploy an MG21/MG21E?

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Remotely deploy an MG21/MG21E?

Hi, all, just got a hold of a MG21E on trial. Testing the setup procedures.


We'd ultimately like to drop ship these units to an IT contractor to install an MX, MR and an MG together. I followed the instructions here


Like with the MXs, is there a "remote provisioning" procedure where a technician can insert the SIM card, plug it into an MX LAN port to connect to the cloud and get its settings, then connect it to MX WAN2? Or, is a local connection with local configuration always required before installation?


Any best practices for rolling these out with a Meraki bundle?


Thanks in advance. -MM

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)


If an activated SIM is inserted in the MG it should seek a connection and come online. Afaik MG is expected to come online with a a SIM when out of the box. You can add an extra step  by making sure MG comes online and updates it firmware before shipping out to locations so it does not go through the process of upgrading when at the location. Also, you can configure APN and pincode if required on the local page before shipping them out.

I believe I've pinpointed the concern. The APN on the MX is modifiable in the portal, but the APN on the MG requires modification at the unit itself. Even if safe mode is enabled, the APN cannot be changed from the portal. 


Our activated SIMs require a custom APN. So local configuration will be required. Thank you.

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