Meraki Go web portal now available globally

Meraki Go Team

Meraki Go is now widely available from your web browser! By popular demand, we’ve opened up the ability to manage Meraki Go from a web interface. 


After releasing it in a limited beta in September, we’re happy to bring the simple and intuitive mobile app experience to the web to everyone, so you can manage your Meraki Go network from a bigger screen. 


To try Meraki Go on the web, log in from your web browser



 What’s New: 


  • All-in-one web interface: all the same features, functionality, and insights as the mobile app are now accessible from a web browser. 
  • Security license claiming: directly claim the optional Cisco Umbrella Security license (available via web portal only). 
  • Total control from anywhere: conveniently go between managing your network from your computer or from the Meraki Go mobile app - anytime, anywhere.

Getting Started: 

  1. Visit 
  2. Sign up with the same account credentials you use to log into the Meraki Go mobile app
  3. Boom 🔥 continue managing and monitoring your network from a larger screen 

Management Tips: 

  • Web browser compatibility: Meraki Go is intended to be compatible with the latest desktop or laptop versions of the most common browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge. 
  • Mobile web: when managing Meraki Go from a mobile device, we recommend downloading the Meraki Go mobile app for the best experience. 
  • Adding new Meraki Go devices: to connect new hardware online, we recommend using the mobile app, as it’s easier to scan QR codes from a camera on your mobile device. Note: manually entering serial numbers from Meraki Go hardware is possible from both the web portal and mobile app.  


We'd love to hear your experiences! Let us know any new features you’d like below or send a feature request


Here to help

Will this be converted to a real webpage and not just a web link to the phone app?


Meraki Go Team

@Price-Networks yes indeed! The new web portal is essentially a web app, with a similar UI and the same experience when it comes to browsing, management, controls etc. as you have with the mobile app. You can try it out for yourself here: