self-user registration seems to have stopped working since end of October

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self-user registration seems to have stopped working since end of October

Hi all. this morning I was called by a Customer complaining the self-user portal registration had many user unable to login again. I checked in the user database and notice almost all last month users registered was not authorized for my guest SSID (the column with the normal YES value). in the urgency I did select them all and validated manually the authorization to make them working back. I have the feeling it is related to the recent certificate change of the user's page made end of October by Meraki: did somebody also experienced this issue ? and is it really related ? I cannot explain how suddenly hundreds of users were not authorized anymore... thanks for advice.
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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Lux,

I haven't heard this issue come up with any other customers. Is this issue still happening for new users trying to self register?

If this is still happening, please give our support team a call as soon as you can. If this is a widespread issue or something unique to your customer's network, the quickest way to resolution is working directly with Meraki Support. The best way to reach them can be found under "Help" > "Get Help" in the top right of the Meraki Dashboard. 



Tyler J

Hi Tyler. the problem should not appear again since I did successfully create a self-user with mail registration. So now I have a doubt about the problem itself, thinking some complaining users may have reported a "fake" issue. I mean now I know many user did not complete the process to validate their user account by cliking the link in their mail, so... I was just surprising when I was called I did notice hundreds of users not authorized and with no expiration set. Therefore I would like to suggest to Meraki features to insert: 1. insert a field in the database, allowing an auto-flush after several days or month, to avoid old users remaining in the database despite they might not connect anymore. 2.Auto-delete user account who did not validate by clicking the link in the mail. 3. Allow user to remove or re-create themselves their user. Especially for aligning with the future near new GDPR legislation in Europe, which obliged enterprises to do not keep user's information if they wish to erase it. Please MERAKI do consider these aspects of improvements for the guest/visitor user management.
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