restrict guest access

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restrict guest access

Is there any way to restrict guest access to two hours per day every 24 hour period? Our customers will spend up to 2 hours in our facilities. Is it possible for meraki to allow the guest user to connect, but disconnect them after 2 hours. If they try to reconnect after being disconnected the will be denied. If they return the following day they are able to connect. This is in an effort to prevent abuse (customer sitting in parking lot using wifi, residents in immediate area using wifi.)

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Kind of a big deal

Not too sure about the blocking portion but I know that you can edit the "splash frequency" in the splash page settings to every two hours.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@ethan_isenberg : As @kYutobi said, You can set the "Splash Frequency" on the splash page configuration. This will force the user to re-login through the splash page again after a two hours duration if you set the frequency of 2 hours. 



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