limit the wireless signal to a minimum

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limit the wireless signal to a minimum

We have a requirements of lowering the wireless signal of an AP (or MX65W) to a minimum point where it only covers 4-8 square meter.

We tested changing the transmit power to 1 dbm but the signal is still strong enough to extend to  20-25 meter ! as we have an open space with no walls or anything to block the signal (we're trying to utilize the location analytics to calculate visitors / passerby ...


Any thoughts?

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This won't be an option on an indoor AP, but on an MX65W, what if you didn't attach the antennas?

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that's what I did.. testing to see the results.
the bad thing is that there is 2 days lag in location analytics results to show up in the dashboard!!
any way we can speed things up in that arena?
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You could place an attenuator inline between the antenna and SMA connector on the MX65W.  Keep in mind the connector on the MX is RP-SMA.  But it probably won't be the best for receiving probes from the client devices you are looking to receive from.


Removing the antennas you won't receive the probes you are after.


Try turning off all SSIDs and use the radios only for reception for analytics ??

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Rather than limiting the output power of the AP a better approach IMHO is to set the MINIMUM connect speed of the SSID.  You configure this under:

Wireless/SSID/Edit/<scroll to the bottom>


This allows you to substantially limit the range and at the same time ensures those devices that do connect a solid and strong signal with a fast connection speed.

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