Wireless AP lost internet access on BYOD

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Wireless AP lost internet access on BYOD

Recently I had to relocate my company's server room from one location in a build to another. Things are mostly back to normal but my one remaining meraki AP (MR42's) has lost internet connectivity on the BYOD SSID.



Other than an allowance for spanning-tree portfast the current switch (Cisco) port config it's plugged into is identical to it's old port config, and it's using the exact same internet connection it had previously. This is all the exact same hardware as well- same switch stack, same AP. I know the AP itself is working fine because the wifi for company devices has internet access and I can ping google from the meraki interface for the BYOD SSID. When I do connect my company laptop to the BYOD SSID the process seems to take longer than expected and gives me an APIPA address for my IP.



So I figured it was a DNS / DHCP issue and sure enough when I look up the SSID in Meraki it's citing DNS problems with the error 


Client made a request to the DNS server, but it did not respond.type='NO DNS response' associated='true' radio='1' vap='1'


Except the Wireless AP is configured with the correct DNS, and it works fine with the primary SSID, just not the BYOD SSID. How should I proceed with this? I'm out of ideas. 

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Getting noticed

Is the SSID tagged to a vlan?

Yes. The SSID is tagged to a specific vlan which is provisioned for on our DNS server. 



All settings were tested and known to work fine prior to this server relocation so unless losing internet connection temporarily and briefly being plugged into a temporary switch while we relocated the stack has some kind of rule that changes settings, everything is the same as it was prior to the move, except that switch port is different. But I don't think it's that because the same AP with a different SSID has no problems. 

Do you have any other AP with this SSID having the same issue or just the one?


Have the server and MR42 changed switchports or just the server?  Even if the port facing the server/AP are correctly configured, have you checked links between switches in case a vlan is being pruned?

This is the only AP we have up at the moment, and it only services the needs of about 4 or 5 people at once. All other network connections are hard wired.



We did pull one of the switches from our existing stack- that one was used as the temporary switch during the move- but that switch wasn't actually being used for anything on the existing stack, it was just extra ports if we needed it. 



The AP was what changed ports on the stack. 



Currently the AP is configured to draw from our primary DC- a virtual DC- and our physical DC for DNS. 

The fact other SSIDs have no issue still leads me to think there's a missing vlan on the port the AP is connected to.  Otherwise you can always try rebooting the AP or checking for new firmware.

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