Unable to Connect to the Internet after Captive Portal Login

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Unable to Connect to the Internet after Captive Portal Login

Hello Everyone,


I'd just like to get some help on why we are unable to have Internet connectivity upon successful login on the captive portal. Our setup is we configured the Meraki AP as a bridge with a click-through splash page where the splash page has a custom URL to be connected to which is an external captive portal server and RADIUS server as well. We are using facebook login as a means to authenticate to the SSID then get an internet connection but upon testing when we have successfully logged in, we are unable to have Internet connection. Do we still need to configure any additional things on our AP for us to successfully connect to the Internet? Please advise. Thank you!

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If everything is configured correctly both in Meraki, and your captive portal and radius servers, then no... there's nothing else to do.


However there are a ton of things to configure.  Perhaps you can share more info?



Like for example do I need to configure some scripts on the external captive portal server where once we have authenticated the facebook credentials, we have to communicate with the AP for us to grant Internet connection.

Are you trying to build your own captive portal server and backend authentication, or plugging into an existing 3rd party provider?  Do you control your own radius servers and authentication database?


If you're trying to build your own, there's alot of work to do and edge cases, its not something to solve in a forum post.


There's no one-sized fits all answer if you're trying to build your own, because there are several approaches you can take.


We've bulit a captive portal platform for that does this, and here's what needed to happen:


- Handle Facebook OAuth login

- on successful login, generate radius credentials

- save radius creds to authentication database

- configure radius query authentication database on auth request

- pass radius credentials to user login page

- have user submit credentials to trigger radius auth


At that point, if your meraki is configured correctly, the user should have internet access

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Simplify the problem.  If you turn off the splash page altogether - can you access the Internet?

Hi Philip,


Yes when having the splash page as none, we are able to have Internet connection as we would expect. It is just when we have the splash page that redirects to our external captive portal server which also houses the authentication that we are not able to have internet connection.

With no splash page click on the client and note all the parameters (such as VLAN, etc).

Do the same when authenticated via the splash page.


Something is different which is breaking it.


The RADIUS server could be pushing a VLAN tag, a group policy, or some other parameter - and one of them is probably breaking it.

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