SSID scheduling multiple time slots

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SSID scheduling multiple time slots

I have a customer that wants his employee wifi enabled several times during the day (breaks, lunchtime).  But in the SSID availability page, the scheduling can only be done for one time slot per day, either enabled or disabled.


I thought to create several SSIDs with the same name/password and assign a time slot to each, but Meraki doesn't allow 2 different SSIDs to have the same name.  Anyone know of a workaround for this?  Also waiting on support for an answer.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

My first workaround would be to implement an acceptable use policy and make sure every employee is aware of it and the consequences if the WLAN is abused.

For a technical solution, I would write two scripts that run automatically from a management-PC that uses the API to disable and enable the WLAN at the appropriate times.

Had not thought of using API, but unfortunately not really an option in this case.


Meraki confirmed that there's currently no way to set up multiple time slots in a single day, I already Made a wish/gave feedback.


Speaking with customer later and will recommend going the route of speed limits and a group policy for an employee only wifi, they were mostly worried about using up too much bandwidth.




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