Problem with 5G Band - Site Survey

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Problem with 5G Band - Site Survey

Hi, while i was doing some site surveys for clients with the MR52 Access Point and the "Ekahau Site Survey" tool, i notice that the tool don't find signal on the 5G spectrum while in 2.4G it's works without problems, the AP is configured in the site survey mode to do this kind of test.

This doesn't happen when i connect the AP in my office, where we can register the 2.4G and 5G signal without any problem, even if we supply the AP with Power Injector or a Switch PoE.


So, i ask if someone have something similar, if there is any solution or problem identified.


Thanks for your time, regards.


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Kind of a big deal

I know the site survey mode can be a tad finicky. Here are some guides to follow to ensure everything is set correctly. Make sure your on 25.13 also for that AP. Not sure if 26.2 has any improvements for site survey mode or not.
I know others have also seen this issue (see below from Twitter):
Nolan Herring |
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