P2P application support with W-Fi configuration

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P2P application support with W-Fi configuration

HI Expert, I need to develop Wi-Fi P2P based application for following system configuration.



Device A (with Wi-Fi Module) connected to Device B (does not have Wi-Fi module) through ethernet link. I need to support one P2P based application on Device B. Would it be possible assuming VLAN group is supported in system?


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Kind of a big deal

I'm not sure what you mean by P2P, that could mean many things. However if you just need device B to connect to the Wi-Fi network through device A then it is possible.


It's a very ghetto way if doing things, but what you need is called bridging network adapters:



Basically you tell windows to transfer packets between the wired and the wireless interface on device A. I'm assuming having device A and B on the same VLAN is okay. If not, then I think this solution will not work. Likewise if you need 802.1X I doubt it would work.

Sorry I didn't explain clearly. By P2P (peer to peer) I meant Wi-Fi Direct. Assuming Device A and Device B are part of same VLAN group, then is it possible to have run WiFi direct based application (e.g. WiFi printing) on Device B.

Kind of a big deal

I'm afraid I still don't understand. So device B supports Wi-Fi direct, but doesn't have a WiFi card?

Device A supports Wi-Fi Infrastructure as well as Wi-Fi Direct. Device B (does not have any Wi-Fi module) is connected to Device A through ethernet link. Assuming I am allowed to make software changes on Device B (in worst case on Device A as well), is it possible to run Wi-Fi Direct based application on Device B?

Kind of a big deal

Honnestly I have no idea. You're talking about some sort of proxy WiFi direct interface on device A with in the backend some IP based interface on device B.

Thanks. Yes, your understanding is correct. Not sure but was thinking adding Device A and B in same VLAN would help.

Thanks a lot Mr. @BrechtSchamp . I think not many have experienced this kind of use cases hence issue can closed.

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