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I've used Unifi and Open Mesh (now Datto) but now, I am bidding a job and want to use Meraki.  I've tried to contact customer service and haven't been able to get them so, any suggestions on how to go about deciding what product (AP's and switch) to use?

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Kind of a big deal

Meraki does not sell direct so you need to find a Cisco reseller.  You can use their partner locator or just call CDW or WWT, etc.  I hope it is ok to post this here, but I am a Cisco reseller and am willing to help you too.  We have on an online store at



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Kind of a big deal

That depends on the scope of work that's being done. For example we are a school here and we use MR42 AP's for wifi and MS225 for switches. What size/users/devices are we talking about?

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As mentioned you may be best with a reseller but dependant on the size a Cisco Rep may be able to help you.

Where are you based?




Keep in mind Wi-Fi 6 ( 802.11ax ) is becoming available.



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