New* Air Marshal Page now Live!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

New* Air Marshal Page now Live!

If you haven't seen the new Air Marshal page please take a look in your dashboard! The documentation on the new page can be found here:




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The new update on Air Marshal page is unresponsive,

it keeps loading

@Wireless-Seeker it's possible it could take a little time for it to be replicated across all shards.  You might also try logging out of your active Dashboard session and logging back in just to see if that helps.  


. . . replicated across all shards.  

I can imagine circumstances when it would be helpful replicate that data locally for analysis . . .

I have come across several apparent correlations that suggest a need for investigation

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

@DCooperI was really hoping the new Air Marshal would have an export feature since I have to compile a report for auditing once a quarter.  Currently, I have to copy/paste for 10+ networks and it takes forever to get the lists just right so it looks decent in Excel.

@EClap5 I've heard that same request before, to make the Rogue SSIDs and Other SSIDs flex tables exportable.  Please do make a wish on both of those pages in Dashboard and ping your Meraki or Meraki Partner SE to confirm (or create) an appropriate feature request. 

its been 7 days and we still experiencing the unresponsive page on Airmarshal
we need to contained the other SSIDs,Rogue AP and Malicious Spoofs to disallowed the unnecessary signal on our area.

New here

The last reply to this appears to have been about a month ago.  Any update on the page being unresponsive?

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