Meraki para Vehículos y buses

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Meraki para Vehículos y buses

Hola a todos, alguien a implementado equipos Meraki en buses, vehículos, transporte?


Tenemos un cliente que quiere poner wifi y cámaras en sus buses, y vehículos.... Estos equipos tienen que tener conexión a internet garantizado, se me ocurre que se use un Z3 de Meraki que usan sim de datos telefónicos para que puedan tener conexión LTE siempre y una cámara Meraki MV.... Pero, que tan buenos son los Z3, quiero decir, podrá aguantar el desafío?

Es una buena opción?

Que tal se comportan con el movimiento de los vehículos, etc?

Agradecería su apoyo....

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't have any experience with what you're asking but just came to say that there is a Spanish section of the forum (forgive my ignorance if the question was not in Spanish but in a different language).


One thing I will say is that you may run into some issues with the Z3 regarding data rate (max 100mbps) and potentially with latency trying to push streamed video data over a mobile network from a device that's roaming between towers all day).


I'd say you'd really have to do a proper PoC in your area to get a good idea whether it's feasible or not.

hi, ohh, im sorry, i thought this was the forum in Spanish. 😂😂


Brash, i have i question

do u know any meraki who can help me with this?

We have a client who wants to put Wi-Fi and cameras on their buses.

Is there a Meraki that supports these challenges?

Could any Meraki equipment be a good option?

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