Meraki-Catalyst Switchport down

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Meraki-Catalyst Switchport down


On a Catalyst 9407 infrastructure such as Access Switches and MR56 APs. The APs randomly fall down, and the interface flapping (Up-Down) is seen on the switch. The issue occurs occasionally without any pattern.
Has anyone presented something similar?

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Getting noticed

I don't have those specific models, but I have had issues with CLC errors causing a port to cycle, but also occasionally had a port down/up randomly caused by a cable fault. Have you ran a cable test from the dashboard, it's not a perfect cable test, but it could indicate an issue. I would run the test at least twice as I've had a couple of times where it reports fine, and then 5 seconds later shows broken pairs.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the MRs aren't running stable firmware or better, I would start by upgrading them.


Is it always the same APs?

If so, it could be the AP, the cable, or the port on the switch.  Try eliminating those factors till you work out which factor it is.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you have matching speed and duplex settings on the devices?  We have found that forcing either at one end and having it auto at the other can cause this, along with the cabling issues mentioned above.  Also if you are using mGig line cards make sure that all of the cabling including the patch leads is Cat6a.  Again we have seen issues with mGig AP to switch connections where Cat6 or Cat5e is used for part of the run.  This often only occurs under load.

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