MacOS laptop associates and cannot surf on internet but receives weird message

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MacOS laptop associates and cannot surf on internet but receives weird message

MacOS users see the company splash page, but in the splash page they see the text "this network's admin has prevented you from using the network". I'm the admin, but I didn't prevent it at all.


WPA2 personal with PSK

Associate to APs ok, ping succeeds

Some iPhones receive the same annoying message, they are denied access to internet

All other devices (Android, Windows, ...) don't have this issue.

It must be a MacOS or iOS stuff I should say.

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network of all MR33 APs and 1 MR18
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Are you authenticating users through a 3rd party (Google), you'll need to have your users check which account is their default (or currently logged in) in their browser.


Have them try to login through incognito to see if this is the same.

They are not authenticating through a 3rd party. They just associate with a MR33 AP (WPA2 + PSK)
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you perhaps enabled "Network Access Control" under the SSID settings?

Screenshot from 2018-08-14 07-54-43.png


Or perhaps defined per device type policies?

Screenshot from 2018-08-14 07-55-36.png

Hi Philip,

thank you for the interest.

no NAC is disabled (had some issues with it in the past since they don't support all AV solutions)

I indeed enabled per device type policies.

I first attributed the same bandwidth group policy to MacOS users as I dit to Android users.

Then I've whitelisted MacOS devices, same issue appears.

Finally I disabled the device type policies, still same issue!

Could you post the screenshot here please

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Does it happen with other browsers like Chrome? Can you clear your Safari cookies and website data and try again?

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Tested with Safari (cleared cookies) and with Chrome (freshly installed), same result 😞

I never asked. You definitely have no splash page on the SSID set and if you are using a small MX as your firewall, also no splash pages on the VLAN interface?

You able to paste a screenshot of your SSID settings?

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