MS and MR connection via HPE Procurve SW


MS and MR connection via HPE Procurve SW

Hello There, I want to connect MR Wireless AP Via HPE Procurve Switch
Meraki MS390 --> HPE 2520 --> MR36

Meraki MS390 Port setting: "Trunk"
HPE ProCurve 2520-8G PoE
Upstream/Downstteam Both Port setting: VLAN "Tagged" (same VLAN as Meraki MS)
Meraki MR36 (same VLAN as Meraki MS)

After setting, Meraki Dashbord can not discoverry / connect MR36 AP
MS390 port connection displayed HPE Switch ONLY.
Let me know how to connect MR via Procurve SW

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

On initial setup, them Meraki MR36 will be sending untagged packets to try and DHCP an IP address.

You'll need to ensure you have a valid native VLAN set on the downstream port of the HPE ProCurve, so that it pulls an IP address from the correct VLAN.

Note: If you've manually configured the management VLAN for the MR, you'll need to remove the native VLAN from the ProCurve downstream port once the AP pulls its config as it will then start sending tagged frames.


you mentioned that;
"Meraki MR36 will be sending untagged packets to try and DHCP an IP address."
Therefore, I changed the VLAN set of the downstream port of HPE ProCurve 2520 to "Untagged VLAN 1", but MR36 still could not connect.
Next, I changed the VAN set on both the HPE ProCureve's upstream and downstream ports to "Untagged VLAN 1" and the MR36 connected successfully.

I also tried it with the NETGEAR unmanaged plus switch GS108PE, but I was able to connect only by setting VLAN 1 to Untagged on the downstream port only.
I think the default VLAN 1 is handled differently depending on the manufacturer.
thank you very much.

Getting noticed

Be sure spanning-tree is working properly between the MS390 and the HP Procurve switch. A wrong config might block traffic in VLANs between the switches (MS390 runs MST (i believe) and the Procurve can run this as well (default spanning-tree is disabled on a procurve).


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