MR86-HW Maximum Clients and Coverage

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MR86-HW Maximum Clients and Coverage




What would be a coverage and max number of users supported for MR86 ?


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Thanks for asking. What is your use case? Recommended client # is near 100 according to Meraki. If you have access to you should be able to look for latest MR comparison chart.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Mohammad it is recommended that no more than 30 clients are connected per radio (so 30 for 2.4GHz and 30 for 5GHz) unless you are using VoIP when it is recommended that no more than 10 clients are connected to the radio with the VoIP clients, the other can still have 30 clients.


Having said that, I have seen 100 clients on a radio and as long as they are low demand (phones checking for email etc.) then the maximum used to be 128 per radio, though I seem to remember that this can be exceeded on either some new hardware or new software (sorry I cannot remember exactly which, as I would not recommend getting near that!

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