MR76 with MA-ANT-21


MR76 with MA-ANT-21

We have a couple of warehouse deployments with ceiling heights between 12M and 18M. Aisles are between 1.8M and 2.5M, with WiFi required at all heights. I'm proposing to do a survey with the MR76 and the MA-ANT-21 as the client only uses the 5GHz in the warehouse, so I will advise they disable the 2.4GHz radios on all APs. Should I be expecting any anomalies from the AP in this scenario or will it work fine?

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Use MR76 with MA-ANT-25. much better coverage pattern than MA-ANT-21 (if you want to roof mount).

If you want wall mount each warehouse aisle MA-ANT-25 is better, but you have to face the antennas on same direction.

If you use MA-ANT-20 you have to mount the AP vertically using down pole.

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