MR42 and Microsoft Teams


MR42 and Microsoft Teams

I have an odd issue which so far Meraki have not been able to identify the problem.


We have an MR42 upgraded to 28.5 (meraki suggested) to fix an issue where randomly the AP reboots or kicks the client off of the AP. Microsoft teams freezes or jitter is experienced.


This only happens when running Microsoft teams anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Getting noticed

Not had any issues with using MS Teams with MR42's or any other Meraki MR's. The issues that you have can they be replicated everytime or is it a random error.  I cannot see how MS Teams would have that effect on the Meraki MR

It is very random across all sites.


Meraki have the logs to analyze as we showed them when running microsoft teams after a few hours sometimes longer we experience jitte on teams and packet loss to the AP.

we have correlated the drops to a potential TX power adjustment message which appears at the same time teams drop.


We have client load balancing enabled.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@DarNic unless you really need it, always disable client load balancing as some clients really don't behave well with it enabled.  I'd also make SSIDs either 2.4GHz or 5GHz as opposed to both if you are having issues as this can help.



will try this on one site and see if it makes a difference.

Client load balancing removal made no difference.


We still received tx adjustment when teams calls drop.


We are looking at setting tx power level to manual on one AP and test further.

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set one AP to manual TX not auto and it is stable. Will be logging this with Meraki.

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