MR33 iPhone/iPads not getting Internet


MR33 iPhone/iPads not getting Internet



We just installed a few MR33's all in residential homes connected to a cable modem.

I've had multiple people complain that they connect to the networks fine but they will drop and and the network will show "No Internet Connection"

It seems to be an iOS device problem as i can see the AP's connected and there are Android and windows devices connecting with no issue.


We have about 30 other MR32/MR33's connected exactly the same for years and never had an issue.


I spoke with support a few times they had me create a new Radio Profile with the following settings

- Client Balancing OFF

- 2.4Ghz Radio Transmit Power Range Set to 15dBm - 30dBm

- 5Ghz Radio Transmit Power Range Set to 15dBm - 30dBm


Everything else is the same as the Default Indoor Profile.


Clients still have issues


Meraki Support wants me to have a Mac device with their packet analyzer running to see whats happening, problem is I'm 7 hrs away from these locations. No one at those locations are technical enough to help


Anyone else run into issues with internet dropping on iOS devices





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you using simple WPA2 mode with a PSK or something else?


Any chance the DHCP scope is full?  If device can't get an IP address it will report this - oh and iOS devices have that new MAC randomizatoin feature now (is it only iOS 8 devices with the issue?) - and I could see that upsetting a DHCP server because it would now appear to have a huge number of clients when there is only one.

You could try running the SSID in NAT mode instead of bridge mode to try and solve the problem if this is it.


Are you using group policies that are targetted based on a device type?

Here to help

What Client IP Assignment are you using for your SSID's? I had a similar issue. I changed it from "L3 Roaming" to "Bridge Mode" & issue went away.

These have only 3-4 devices connecting to them as they are in homes.


We have 4 SSIDs being use

One in Bridge Mode

3 in NAT mode


Users connecting to each complain of the issue with iPhones.

The thing that gets me is we have 50 other MR32/33's that have been installed for 5 years identical configuration. Never had a problem and still don't but these new devices seem to be the only ones having the problem.


There is only one device in each home, and we have an iPad within 10 feet of the AP in Kiosk mode and that drops from all SSID's regularly



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

When you look in client view in the dashboard do you see just a single iPad, or do you see lots and lots of them?


What does wireless health say?

If one is connected i see it but  usually it doesn't stay connected for any more than a minute.


Wireless health just says devices are getting and association error.

Association type='Association attempts' num='6' associated='true' radio='0' vap='1'



Looks like when i change the ip of the MR33 to static and make the DNS & The issue goes away.


Out of 52 locations only 2 locations have complained of this both are new devices only installed about a month ago.


As i said these are installed in home so max number of devices is 8-10 and one of the devices is our iPad mounted on the wall about 10 feet from the AP.

As soon as i changed The IP to static and the DNS the problem when away.

jmartgli,  I'm having the same issue as you with an MR33. However, after assigning it a static IP and using Google's DNS servers, the issue is still present.  It seems to be affecting android phones as well, but not Windows computers. Did you happen to do anything else after making these changes or have any other advice on how to solve this?


Edit: rebooting the MR33 seems to have solved the issue.  Probably should have started there. 

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