MR33 Can't Connect to Meraki Cloud

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MR33 Can't Connect to Meraki Cloud

Hi! I don't know what the problem with my AP, I created a test organization and to a test network the LED is Green but there is no indicator on the Cloud if it is OFFLINE (red) ALERTING (orange) ONLINE (green) REPEATER (hollow green). Have you encountered this before? Thanks for your reply 🙂 

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Have you added the device into your dashboard? Is it second hand and living in another dashboard maybe? 

Sorry its not. Also I tried to reset it but still it doesn't show any indications that it is counted in the network

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Does it get a DHCP address if so you can try accessing the local page?


You can also see if the MR is advertising a Meraki provisioning SSID. Failing that try to reset the MR.


Sounds like it can't find a gateway.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee


I would advise you to ensure these this list below is allowed in your network/upstream device.
Please check the firewall information by heading your dashboard ( Help > Firewall information ) to help guide you in creating firewall rules for the Cisco Meraki cloud.


Destination IPs :,,,
UDP port : 7351,7734


Thank you!





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm not clear on some of your statements.


Are you saying it is in the dashboard, but it is reporting it is offline - or are you saying - 

it is in the dashboard and is showing as online but the status in the dashboard does not match the status of the AP?


Does the local status page of the MR reporting any issues? 

The meraki is showing green led indicator which means it must show that its online on the dashboard right? but it doesn't
Also we cannot connect on this AP.
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