MR login page stubborn on https

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MR login page stubborn on https

I've been struggling with this issue for a year or more now and wondered if I am doing something wrong or if there is a workaround.   I cant get the Meraki login page to load if the user is trying to access an https site.  If they go to a http://xxx it loads right up.  I've talked w/ Meraki tech support about this a few times and they say it is expected behavior. 


Since more and more sites are using https, this problem is going to get worse.  Any tips?  Thanks -

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I believe it is because the splash page is returned when Meraki sees the HTTP GET request.  If you browse to any https site, the traffic is encrypted and therefore Meraki cannot see the GET request.  I always told my users to either go to or  Now I just have them go to to force the splash. 

those are all now https!  I have them go to, but man, I really don't like telling them the same thing over and over, and over...  Thanks for the reply!  

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