MR 84 antenna compatibility cabling to a AIR-ANT2513P4M-N


MR 84 antenna compatibility cabling to a AIR-ANT2513P4M-N

Is there a specific way you should hook up the MR84  access point to this antenna AIR-ANT2513P4M-N ? For example top connections of access point to A and C on the antenna? Or just hook up from the top of the access point to A and B and the bottom to C and D?



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Kind of a big deal

It doesn't matter. 2.4 and 5GHz bands are diplexed onto all antenna ports. You just need to make sure that the antenna used is dual band which is the case here.

I was genuinely surprised that the MR74 does not have the same setup.


I remember opening the first one going...what...these two ports are 2.4 and these two ports are 5ghz? I have to buy TWO antennas!?


Luckily the easy fix was a 3rd party antenna that is already dual-band, with 4 connectors. skadoosh. 

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New here

This is exactly my question. I have hooked port A and port B with the ports at the top of the MR84, and port C and D with the ports at the bottom, but i am not sure, if this is correct. When I do a survey with Ekahau site survey, I am missing all of the characteristics (30° Beam) of the antenna. So perhaps  A&C to top and B&D to bottom ist perhaps the right way.


Did you ever try A&C and B&D?  

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