MR 53's constantly rebooting

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MR 53's constantly rebooting

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and what could be the solution. In my school district we have MR 34's everywhere and are now adding MR 53's to the high traffic areas, however every MR 53 I put up acts normal for the first day or so then it starts to lose connectivity frequently but never for long or reboot due to loss of power. I have done some trouble shooting myself and can't find a problem on my end. The PoE switches we use can supply more than enough power and also the cable runs are perfectly fine and have no issues or breaks in the line anywhere.  

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Just a thought, Have you tried to use a poe injector and disable poe on the switch to verify it is not the switch causing the issue?

No I haven't but I swapped ports with AP's that never have this problem and it kept doing it. Also, a lot of the switches we have are Meraki switches so they should work together seamlessly, but thank you ill give it a try.


All are 24.8. Do you think upgrading to 24.12 will help.

You may need to move to at least 25.1  


From Change log that may impact you:


  • Miscellaneous radio stability and interoperability fixes (MR42/MR52/MR53/MR84)

Also, are you over 1000 clients?  If so 25.6 may be of interest:


  • Traffic routing improvements to reduce overhead on Ap resources when 1000+ clients are connected to the network


I'm not a fan of running Beta, but it seems Meraki has been slow to release "stable" lately for both AP's and Security Appliances.  I'm running the latest betas in a 16 site environment. 



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No, 24.12 will NOT help.  That firmware broke things pretty badly- 1 min drops across every single AP randomly.


I don't think the engineers know what the word 'stable' means.


I'd check continuity on your cable going to it- watch the tester for at least 20-30 loops to see if there's any intermittent drops.

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