MR 29.7

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MR 29.7

I am about to upgrade a customer network to 29.7 following Meraki TAC recommendation to upgrade from 28.x

Reading a lot of issues in around 29.x I always find the release notes associated with Meraki releases rather brief.


Anyone deployed 29.7 if so any stability issues?

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Getting noticed

We have have a mixed environment with MR33, MR42, MR46, MR53, and MR56 (just installed 150 of these over the summer).  All buildings are running 29.5.1.  Last night I updated our one Middle School which have (58) MR56 AP's to 29.7.  Haven't gotten support involved yet.  Some really strange issues that I've noticed with the MR56 and 29.5.1 which caused me to do the upgrade:


We have a specific Samsung Chromebook touchscreen with Intel Wireless 7265 chipset rev 59.  Our librarian uses it and said the wifi signal is poor (only thing that changed over summer was the model AP).  We went from MR42 to MR56.  I was able to see the signal on Chromebook constantly go from excellent to good to weak every few seconds... Took a newer HP Chromebook that students use and the signal was constantly excellent.  There is a 10-15 db signal difference between the HP and the Samsung Chromebook.  I have the exact same Samsung Chromebook in my bag and also had same issue.  Tried various versions of ChromeOS too.  No problems with Mac laptops on same desk.  I also don't have the issue with the Samsung Chromebook when I go to my office in the High School (MR53 AP's). 


Another issue I'm seeing is constant roaming of clients (specifically iPhones).  We don't have band steering or client balancing enabled.  All buildings are configured the same.  I was in the building last week and saw my iPhone roaming every few seconds to different AP's.  Chromebooks, Windows devices, and Mac devices seem stable.  I'm getting reports of poor wifi calling behavior (dropped calls) all using iPhones.  I checked some client logs from the teachers with the problem and they are all exhibiting the same weird constant roaming like I had.  I'm not seeing the constant roaming when I'm at my office in High School connected to MR53. 


Going back to the middle school on Thursday morning to do more testing. 



Thanks I did read in another thread that clients with 802.11v enabled can initiate client load balancing. I have MR52's and have a separate issue on 28.7.1 and the recommendation is to upgrade to 29.x but there are lot of reports of issue with 29.x especially around client load balancing.

Re: Wi-Fi Clients being Disassociated due to "excess frame loss" - The Meraki Community

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Meraki Employee

Many clients seem to do strange things, when 11v process happens (this changed significantly with MR29, on the Meraki side).   Many environments work more reliably with client balancing disabled, for this reason, it seems.  (Hence net new Meraki setups have it disabled by default).    Maybe try with balancing enabled, but be prepared to switch off if you see issues of this type.

What makes no sense is 802.11v is enabled by default with firmware v29.x and all our buildings are on 29.x firmware (just different AP models).  I'm seeing strange roaming behavior with iPhone's only on MR56 AP's.  On a building with MR53's, I'm not.  Right now I've been connected to the same MR53 AP in my office for 3 hours no roaming or issues.  At the middle school with MR56 AP's my device will roam every few seconds.  Same SSID and config. I'm looking at the client data in "Timeline". 

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Have you got client balancing enabled, we had such an issue on the MR56 where as clients (Windows 10 laptops) were constantly roaming between AP's.


We disabled client balancing and this has resolved the issue for us.

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No client balancing enabled.

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