MR 28.6 Firware Large amount of connections


MR 28.6 Firware Large amount of connections

We have found this update to be good, but we are having one issue.  One of our windows laptop models running a realtek adaptar  and a couple other devices like android started having issues after upgrading to the release candidate.  Normally our laptops have 15 or less connections in a 24 hour period.  After the update this number soared into the 1000s on one particular device type which we have around 100 or so devices deployed.  This included devices disconnecting and reconnecting to the same AP over and over in a matter of a couple seconds.  This lead to lagging and issues with Zoom clients especially.  Anyone else run into this?




I mean you can even see that that is down 50% from yesterday.  That means yesterday this laptop had 500 connections.  All that worked fine, but just disconnecting and reconnecting over and over.


This was not an issue before the 28.6 firmware. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,


I thought I had seen this issue on reddit :


I haven't upgraded to 28.6. Have you opened a ticket yet ? 


I'm curious too !

Here to help

Same issue here. Any recommended fix for this yet?


Nothing yet.  They recommended rolling back or trying to turn off ax.  Not really willing to do either.  i encouraged them to come out with a fix.

Getting noticed

Try testing with 28.7.  I just tested a PC with realtek adapter and remained connected for 30 minutes stable. 

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