MR 25.14

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

MR 25.14

Last week I noticed 25.14 appear as an MR Release Candidate, it looks like a to me as there are no known issues listed.  Today we deployed it to replace 25.13 on a number of sites, has anyone else had any experience of using it?

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Yes, interesting that known issues in previous version 25.13 (and listed as known in other previous versions):



  • Condition under investigation causes 2.4GHz radios to become unresponsive (MR32/MR72)
  • Condition under investigation causes radios to become unresponsive for 5 seconds in high density networks (MR34/MR32/MR72/MR26)
  • Condition under investigation causes lower than expected throughput on the 2.4GHz radio (MR26/MR34)

Are not now listed as known issues in this version 25.14, but are also not shown as bug fixes...have they been fixed or not ?


Kind of a big deal

Curious if anyone else has tested this yet. I was/am looking forward to the next release for 25.X, as 25.13 has been exceptionally stable for me, I would assume 25.14 would only be better (crosses fingers).
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For reference, here are the release notes for 25.14:




  • RADIUS Proxy support for client 802.1X authentication on MR LAN ports (MR30H/MR52/MR53/MR84)
  • Added ability to enable / disable Short GI for better interoperability with certain clients; Please contact support (All 802.11n MRs)


  • CVE-2017-15107 (All MRs)
    • A vulnerability was found in the implementation of DNSSEC in Dnsmasq up to and including 2.78. Wildcard synthesized NSEC records could be improperly interpreted to prove the non-existence of hostnames that actually exist.

Bug fixes

  • Clients were able to pass traffic on MAC-authentication SSIDs prior to MR receiving Access-Accept from RADIUS server (All 802.11n/ac Wave 1/ac Wave 2 MRs)
  • DFS events could lead to instability and reboots (MR16/MR18/MR66)
  • Occasionally AP would not properly load radios upon boot (MR26/MR32/MR34/MR72)
  • Client isolation used in conjunction with upstream HSRP configuration resulted in client being unable to ARP for their default gateway (All MRs)
  • Null entry for clients in internal table could result in AP reboot (All MRs)
  • MR stopped responding to clients after receiving QoS-Null frame from client (All 802.11ac Wave 2 MRs)
  • Default gateway mapped for Layer 2 LAN isolation would never age out if default gateway’s MAC address changes (All MRs)
  • DHCP Inform packets causing issues with Layer 2 LAN Isolation (All MRs)
  • Certain internal memory references leading to MR reboot (MR30H/33/74)
  • Numerous packet processing and memory efficiency improvements (All MRs)
Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Anyone from Meraki care to reply to this, have the known issues from 25.13 that are not in the bug fixes section of 25.14 been resolved or are they still open?


Thank you 🙂

Here to help


since a week I finally decided to deploy 25.14, I face may issue in high-density conditions with many people not able to connect, like if the AP was stopping broadcasting the SSID.

I rolled back to v25.13 and everything worked well again.

so even if 25.14 is solving some bugs and a security breach, I will not recommend it when you have lot of AP with lot of users.

I will wait end of year for next stable upgrade.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We have has some (minor) 5GHz issues with 25.14 so have migrated the remainder of our sites to 26.6.  We have been using 26.6 for a while at our less critical and simpler (in a WiFi sense) sites and it is better.

Hi cmr.

I agree with you a version 26.x may correct this, but the fact is today only versions 25.13 o.14 are flagged as Stable.

personally my clients don't want to run beta release neither StableCandidate, so I have to wait for the next 26.x stable launch...

but I agree with you sometimes it can be better to only run beta and try the one that fits your production's needs.

thanks anyway for this information.

Building a reputation

I've been waiting to see if this update was going to be stable as I have about 2000 AP's bugging me about it.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Well 26.6 is stable release candidate now as more people have deployed it.  If several of you upgrade to it then it will be stable...

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