Inaccurate Device type - MR36


Inaccurate Device type - MR36



In the dashboard when checking device types getting a number of wrong client device types coming up like recognizing some devices as Xbox 360, generic Android or just other. Even when I try to update the Flag option to outline the correct device type it does not seem to change. Is there a period of time when this gets reviewed and corrected


Some of these are IOT devices which correctly get identified by FING but Meraki seems to fail. Some devices are correct like Apple Ipads and Iphones 


Not sure if this is a common problem to be addressed or if I can add anything to improve accuracy. Don't run a full of Meraki devices just the MR36 devices. 


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I suspect the "Flag" option just goes into a statistical collection.  When sufficient customers flag a device it then gets examined.  Just a guess.

OK thanks. At least I'm aware. I guess I can just keep on reporting where I see problems



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It's a suggestion rather than a change on your Dashboard. This information is fed back to the Dashboard team for review. There's no timeline unfortunately if/when the suggestions will be implemented.

My Nintendo Switch shows as Nintendo Nokia for example, weird flex I know.

Understood. At least I'm clearer now so will takes this into consideration going forward. Hopefully it will improve over time

Here to help

Raise as a case with tech team so that it can be raised and fixed.  This will effect relationships to affluence and also display for advertising. Meraki should be able to correct this and don't be fobbed off

Will do that


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