Google Authentication with Group Policies

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Google Authentication with Group Policies

Hi Everyone.


Looking to use Google Authentication for wireless login.

However, I am wondering if it is possible to use this Google authentication method to put users into specific VLANs/Subnets based on their login.


Does anyone have experience with Google login or can let me know if it is possible?

(I think it is possible with Radius, but not sure if possible with Google.)


The reason for this is we are trying to limit the number of SSIDs.



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Kind of a big deal

I am pretty sure you can’t do this with the native Google splash login, but if there is a way, you might find it (or another similar option) via

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I second the motion for JumpCloud.  The have 2FA Push notifications for signing into JumpCloud and RADIUS and LDAP, and coming soon are  push notifications for RADIUS.




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