Failed Connections

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Failed Connections

In Wireless Health, I keep seeing red for AP connection issues, and when I click on them, I see hundreds of these messages within the last hours, by various clients and APs. Called Meraki support and they didn't know if it's a problem or not, so thought I would ask here.  Searched and reviewed Meraki documentation too. We do have some of the clients claiming they have short periods of time where they are not able to get online, but then the problem clears up.  


Are these just normal messages as part of authentication, even moving from AP to AP?  


Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 1.55.15 PM.png

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Kind of a big deal

Those messages are failed auth messages, i.e. someone's using the wrong password to get onto your network (a fat fingered password saved on the device perhaps?)


I would ignore them on their own. But, if you can identify a specific user that's having issues and then look at them specifically in Wireless Health and there's a correlation then I would look into it further. Maybe start be deleting the saved SSID and then rejoin the network.

Thank you for the reply, and I wish it was that simple.  Not the password, as one of the devices is my phone that works online just fine.  I just reset the network settings, including save SSID and password.  Re-connected to SSID (successful), but entries continue, as there are two auth fails after after the reset.

@kredmoreI have this issue as well.  I get a TON of the PSK-fail messages with company phones that have the credentials stored in a wifi profile so it's not a bad password issue.  From what I can tell, it's not affecting connectivity of any of these phones, but it's annoying to see my failed connection percentage so high.  Support wasn't quite sure what the issue is and I haven't had time to dig into it more. 


I know someone said that in a dot1x environment, these are considered fails are because the EAPOL handshakes happen as the client is roaming although I don't know if roaming would also be the cause of non-dot1x networks.

Getting noticed

I was having a similar issue on my network, with 2 specific devices (laptops, not phones). In my case it was a firmware upgrade that solved the issue, the machines were seeing up to several hundred failed connections per day. I assume the devices are probably updated, so this probably isn't helpful, but thought I'd offer my experience with it.

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