Ekahau survey files ( ie *.esx files) upload to Dashboard

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Ekahau survey files ( ie *.esx files) upload to Dashboard

Hi All,


Wanted to check if Ekahau wireless survey files ( ie  *.esx files) can be uploaded directly to dashboard so that APs can be placed/shown in "Network wide ->Map & floor plans".


Thanks in advance.




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Thanks.. But I am looking if it is possible to upload the .esx files from Ekahau software to Meraki dashboard.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hmm, this is a nice idea.
Just like you will be able to upload Ekahau projects into DNA center to get the AP positions and the wall and area attenuation values, would be great to have this in dashboard also.

This data could then enhance the location scanning API for location heatmaps and tracking!

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