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Download quota

What is the best way to implement download quota on Meraki MR devices? You can do firewall & traffic shaping but how about download quota for each user?

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There's no functionality to do this within Meraki. You'd need an external <something> to accomplish this.

Thanks jdsilva
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@BTee there is nothing native in the Meraki Dashboard for daily download quotas, however you could perhaps accomplish this via API.  For example you could write a script that leverages the daily usage history API endpoint ( and have some logic in your script that then calls, if necessary, the API endpoint to update the group policy that applies to that client ( and in that group policy you can configure what you like, such as more restrictive traffic shaping, complete blocking, or blocking specific apps for example.  Just a thought, hope that might help.

Thank you MerakiDave
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