Creating Prepaid Access Codes using API

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Creating Prepaid Access Codes using API

Hello there,


I was looking to allow users to log in to my network, using prepaid access codes, as a way to let them log in with one field of text.


I noticed no information within the API documentation could show a way to create new codes using the API. All code creations seem to require manual maintenance.


Is there a way to generate new codes (even small batches, or even singles) with an API call? We much rather not generate them in too-big-batches manually, for security purposes. We need to have a specific expiration date for the ones we create each day.


Please let us know if there's anything we could do.




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Kind of a big deal

There are similar options baked into dashboard like using Meraki authentication of email and password and also things like sponsored guest logins, SMS and Google or Facebook authentication.  What is the actual use case of needing just a single field of text and how many and how often do you want to rotate them?  Maybe browse the splash page options on to see if there is something more suitable pre-built?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know of any way to do this via the API (generate batches of prepaid codes).

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