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Beginners steps

I'm new to meraki having previously used Cloudtrax for wifi management.

Meraki seems streets ahead and this is my first foray here.


I'm looking to find out the best place to start for using Meraki wifi.
I have 2 fixed sites which have been wired up, but are yet to be configured.

I hope to rule out Meraki WAPs to all our construction sits and want to get it right from day 1


Each site will have

ENGSSID  -  a hidden network for wireless equipment to stop equipment needing reconfigured when shiopped to a new side

COSIDXXX - a network for employees where XXX is a unique site reference

GUESTSIDXX - a side for personal devices, mobiles or visitors. Again XXX is a unique site reference

CLIENTSIDXX -- we often have to supply access to our employer, who may send 3/4 representative to site.


What I want to know is can I make ENGSSID a template for every site that gets setup. It's the only SSID will be common to each location. As soon as a site is added, I'd like ENGSSID to be automatically added, and if I change the template ENGSSID then that would cascade to all others?


It's a noob question but don't feel it's worth of going to support so early and would appreciate being pointed at the best resources for a beginner.



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Hi Deesloop,


I think the way I would do this is to create the ENG SSID and assign no tags to this (and have it broadcast from AP's at all sites), when you then create all the others that are site specific you can tag these, and assign the AP's at each site to only broadcast the relevant "tagged" SSID's.


That way when you make any changes to the ENG SSID it will cascade to all sites. 


To do this, navigate to the individual access points, and on the left panel, create a relevantly named tag e.g sitexx.


When you create your SSID's, then navigate to SSID availability and leave the ENG SSID as enabled on all AP's.


Then create your site specific SSID's, and under SSID availability select "enabled on some AP's" and add the specific previously named tags for the sites.


Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the response


it maybe just me but I cannot see an option to use a SSID as a default for all networks?


If I click on Site 1, wireless and configure SSIDS then I can add it there

But to me - that means the SSID is only available to that one network

I have Site 2 but can see no way of deploying said SSId to both Site1 & 2, or any other future sites.


Is what I'm after is Organisation, Configuration templates?

Can I create a defult SSID there and then link networks to that one SSID?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why do you want these SSIDs to be different at every site?  Why not make them the same at every site?

We wish to prevent users migrating directly from one site to another

It also prevents password from becoming known wider than necessary.


I was advised that I can 15 SSIDs per network (although 4 is all that's needed), so I don't see it as a huge issue

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