AD Integration with Meraki MR AP's


AD Integration with Meraki MR AP's

Hey Everyone,

I recently purchased a couple MR33's and want to get AD authentication integrated for domain pc's. 
I've tried searching and there are very generic responses to others who have asked for tips on how to get this setup.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out:
1.  Do I need another piece of hardware (I've seen mentioning of a security appliance)?

2.  Will Meraki pick up already logged in windows credentials or do we have to use a splash screen login? 

3.  Are there step-by-step instructions anywhere to integrate AD authentication? 

Thanks everyone, looking forward to contributing to the community once I get my feet wet.  🙂


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Kind of a big deal



Not sure what you have on your LAN by way of access control at present.


However, 802.1x authentication may be set on a per SSID basis. There is a pretty clear explanation here.


For small installations I tend to use WPA2 with pre-shared keys. 

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Hey Mike,


We have APs, authenticating the corporate SSID with and ISE, that is synchronized with a Windows AD.


No need for another hardware.

Yes, our ISE+AD solution was already working for wired and a controller based wifi sollution so we only had to add the ISE details in the Meraki config and also, at the ISE, add the Meraki's to the list of sources of equipment's authorized to send authentication requests.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You, sir, are a godsend.   🙂
Thank you.  

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