A new user registers via splash page...

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A new user registers via splash page...



I have setup alerts for the usual events such as APs and switches going offline and set myself and other members of my networks team up as default recipients to receive these.  We all have orginization privilege so don't fall under the default "All network admins" criteria and have to be added individually.


The network has a guest SSID with a splash screen that enable users to self-register.  When a new user is registered I've set the "A new user registers via splash page" alerts field with the admin staff (guest ambassadors)  who I would like to receive the email notifications and then action any requests.




There doesn't appear to be a way for the email alerts for the new guest users only to the sent to the guest ambassadors I've specified.  Unless I'm missing something I don't think there is a way to keep alerts about network issues (i.e. AP going offline) and the day to day alerts for the likes of guest user approval separate?






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I believe you are correct.  If you are using the Default Recipients then all alerts go to those recipients and the Additional Recipients on a per alert setting is simply in addition to the Default Recipients.

You'll probably want to add that to the Wish page unless you want to set each Alert manually. 

I've logged a feature request already so hopefully this will get picked up.🤞


Surprised this hasn't been raised before to be honest.  I'm not based at the sites I support so I would have no way of verifying a guest user.  That's why I've set local users up as guest ambassadors to manage this function.  Good to see the email alerts work...just wish I didn't have to see them! 🙂 

Ah, I have had that issue and usually build a rule in my email client to move them off to a separate folder.

Would it work if you moved the APs into a separate network?  Would cut down on the number of alerts going out?

Darren OConnor | doconnor@resalire.co.uk

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

Hi Darren - Yes that's an idea.  Would prefer to keep all the kit at the various sites in the one network if possible.  Would also be a bit of an overhead going through all of the different orgs/networks.


It's only an inconvenience really so no big deal, just would be nice if there was a bit more granular control of the recipients for certain alerts. 

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