Wireless Health - Connection Logs vs API

Kind of a big deal

Wireless Health - Connection Logs vs API

Hi ,


We are doing a huge revamp of our Wireless infrastructure. 


We are now deploying MR36 accross all sites ( 1000++ sites ) and I'm currently looking at the stats available in the dashboard.  In the Dashboard , Wireless -> Health -> Connection Logs  , I can easily see which SSID is in trouble and which client and so on. So I was curious to automate this process with the API. 


I'm using this endpoint :  /networks/{networkID}/wireless/devices/connectionStats?timespan=86400&ssid={SSIDid}


But it is giving me completly different stats from the Dashboard. 


Ex : 





I only have 46 Auth errors for that given AP according to the dashboard.  46 != 163. Same period


This behavior is present will all error types ( assoc , auth , dhcp , dns ) and seen on Networks with or without a template. 


I have opened a case about that. 


Has anyone ever experienced that ?


I would expect the connectionstats and the connectionlogs to give me the same amount of errors. In the dashboard it is named ''failure type'' , but I guess failure = error in my book. 


Thanks , 

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Hey @RaphaelL,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I had a quick question. Can you navigate to Dashboard > Wireless > Specific AP <Q3AJ-XXXX-XXXX> > Timeline and filter for "Authentication" in the connection step for the selected time period and compare the values from the indicated API and this page? 

Currently, we are in the process of upgrading the backend algorithm for the data that is surfaced in the Connection Log tab to make it more consistent with the API. We have already updated the data in the AP timeline view and it should match more closely with your API output if the timestamps selected are exactly the same across Dashboard and the API call.



Kind of a big deal

Hi @Ameya_Ahir  ,


I was able to update Meraki Case 07733973 , if you ever want to have all the specific details ( S/N , timestamps and so on ). 


The latest update is : "It looks like the Wireless Health Connection Log pulls from the same info as get Network Wireless Connection Stats, however Connection Log does not count for bursts of connection failure attempts. For example, if a client fails to connect 3 times in a very short amount of time, the API call will log all 3 of those attempts, however Connection Log sees this as only 1 failed connection attempt. If we have enough clients attempting to connect, that would explain why these two are giving us such different answers."


But I was able to find some case that the reported info is different from SSID to SSID and versus the dashboard and the API.


Thanks 🙂 

Kind of a big deal

Hi ,

Thanks for the quick reply ! 


I was able to compare these endpoints (the output is identical 😞 


/devices/{serial}/wireless/connectionStats : 


/networks/{networkId}/wireless/devices/connectionStats : 





Also when comparing the Wireless Health page from the network vs the Access Point I do get different results.


Wireless -> Access Points ->  ( Selecting my AP Q3AJ-XXXX-ZEAP ) -> Connections ( selecting last day 😞

says 0 errors




Wireless -> Health -> Connections Log  ( Filtering Selecting my AP Q3AJ-XXXX-ZEAP ) :

got 54 results



Finaly , the test that you just suggested ( the timeline page ) showed me 54 results which is the same as the Wireless -> Health -> Connections Log ( good news ) 


TLDR ;  The 2 pages are not showing the same info and the API is not giving me the same info also.


Thanks ! 🙂 


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I have done quite alot of work with API since migrating to Meraki AP's earlier this year, and this query will return all wireless client connected in the last 5 mins





Kind of a big deal

Thanks for the info , but this endpoint is not related to wireless Health. 

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