Upload vs Download streams - Visual Graphs

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Upload vs Download streams - Visual Graphs

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I am trying to separate upload traffic from download traffic to restrict and confine heavy users who are abusing our limited internet.  The problem is that Meraki combines this traffic reports and simple displays it as "Uplink" with a reading in the right hand top corner of the graph showing what's been loaded up and down over the set period.


Besides the fact that "2hrs" is really poor and not live enough for our network (Zoom and VC traffic is so critical to our users when limited traffic is at stake, even with the Layer 7 rules in place), seeing the offenders in the downstream (6Mb/s) and upstream (2Mb/s) is so important.  One can see the effect that is can have with a a large number of devices in our network.


So is there a way to see the live traffic or the 2hr past traffic in UP and DOWN graphs?  Meraki is incredibly powerful but my experience with it as a Firewall is nowhere near Kerio in monitoring live performance.  Any assistance would be very well received.




Kind of a big deal



What I do is do a packet capture, put it into Wireshark, and then go Statistics/Conversations.

Kind of a big deal

When you mention Kerio you are talking about a firewall appliance.
This is the wireless forum.
Are  you talking about the MX or the MR?

Both the MR and MX have a graph on their status page (tab uplink) which is updated about every 5 seconds.

So I'm sure those figures would be available through an API resource.

If you want to split those stats up into your categories then perhaps a netflow collector could give you that insight.

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