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Sponsored access - approval email

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Sponsored access - approval email

The email Meraki sends when sponsored access is requested by a guest is pretty limited. It only includes the name the guest typed (and not the email address) and a link to the Meraki approval page. Is there any way to customize this? At a minimum it should have the email address so the sponsor can communicate with the guest. Without it, the sponsor has no way of knowing really who is behind the request.

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Re: Sponsored access - approval email

Hi @GreggRevak , Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we can customize the sponsored access email. You can customize the splash page the customers will see but not the email that will be sent to the sponsor.


I understand it would make more sense to add the email for you to be able to communicate with the person who is requesting the access. I would recommend leveraging the "Make a Wish" button on the dashboard to submit your feedback. Hopefully, we can come up with such a feature in the future.





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Re: Sponsored access - approval email

I would say customize the splash page. You can make more fields and write the code to send an email with those fields data to the approver. Ideally you could use a Google Form and have all the fields you want and then have those pushed in the email, but that isn't available yet. Sponsored guest is pretty new (no API calls im aware of) so I would expect updates in the pipeline.

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