Setting up existing access points from an old vendor

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Setting up existing access points from an old vendor

 A client of mine signed up for a service that require them to purchase five of the Cisco access points.  They have since canceled the service but they still own the access points and would like to use them in their environment.  Is there a way we can sign up for Or establish an account or service  that would allow us to use them or they know unusable to us without the old 3rd party service. 

Kind of a big deal

Are they Cisco or Meraki?


If they're Cisco then you can default them and either hook them up to a controller (LWAPP mode) or just reconfigure them (autonomous mode, if they support it).


If they're Meraki then they will still be owned in the dashboard by the third party and there's nothing you can do with them unless they release them so you can claim them to your own dashboard.

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