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Reseting login

New here

Reseting login


Right now I am working in the IT department at my new job. They have an MERAKI OUTDOOR. This AP is registered with the email account of the last IT guy, who is not working in the company right now.

So, I can't add this device to my network on Meraki Cloud because the company doesn't know the email.

Is there a way to register this device to a new email account? Is this possible? What can I do to solve this issue?


I have been searching a button reset but it seems the MERAKI Outdoor doesn’t have it.


Thanks a lot for your help


Kind of a big deal

Re: Reseting login

You can't do much without both knowing and having access to the email account used to access the Meraki Dashboard that the device belongs to.


But being a former employee - surely you can find out what his email account was (or take some good guesses) , and then add it as an alias to yours, and do a password reset.

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