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Meraki --> Clearpass --> AD

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Meraki --> Clearpass --> AD

Hey folks, 


We have a Meraki system running and currently have a need to authenticate a select group of users against a AD box that we have no control over or access to. Our solution for control and auditing is to use our ClearPass server as the authenticator, giving us more transparency and control over the authentication process. 


Are there any hang-ups to sticking ClearPass inbetween Meraki and the AD?



Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki --> Clearpass --> AD

I don't know anything about ClearPass.  As long as it acts like a RADIUS server it will work fine.

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Re: Meraki --> Clearpass --> AD



I have this setup in my environment.  Just point the radius server to Clearpass. You can use radius tags to set the vlan or you can use API calls to set policy or vlan tags.  

Let me know if you need any help with the API calls if you use them.

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